Maximize your hiring potential with on demand tools

Elevate your hiring process with advanced AI-enabled tools designed to empower and streamline the entire recruitment journey.

Instant capability, zero resource hassles

Effortlessly increase your hiring efficiency

Job Descriptions

Creates comprehensive and bias free job descriptions with just a job title and optional minimum requirements.

Resume Scoring

Redacts then scores resumes to job ads providing objective reviews, interview guides and metrics for skills, experience and education.

Private Chat Tool

Sources, summarizes and scores candidates to job descriptions and can be integrated into any CRM, ATS or resume database.

Built for today's challenges

7 out of 10

believe automation in sourcing will lead to increased productivity.

73% of recruiters

are struggling to find relevant candidates for their open positions.

42% increase

in diversity of applicant pool by utilizing gender neutral language.

4 out of 10

job ads get rewritten due to attracting unqualified candidates.

Level up instantly, with Reevolt

Uplift Efficiency

Instantly enhance with AI solutions to significantly reduce the time and effort on building job descriptions and reviewing resumes.

Reshaping the Future

Imagine a world where efficiency rules, bias is a thing of the past, and your team is truly reflective of the diverse talent pool of candidates.

That is the future we are creating.

Up and running instantly
Stay ahead in competitive hiring landscape
Accelerate identification of top talent
Appeal to a broader candidate pool
Attract Talent

Instantly attract top talent through AI crafted job advertisements, ensuring compelling, targeted communication with candidates.

Discover Skills Fit

Instantly uncover the perfect candidate through AI assisted skills identification and matching to enhance your hiring precision.

Reduce Bias

Instantly minimize bias in your job advertisements, utilizing advanced techniques to promote diversity, inclusion and fairness.

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Integrate with your favorites

Take advantage of out of the box connectors to instantly integrate Reevolt with your organization's hiring systems and processes.

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Check out our integrations to stay up to date with our latest connectors. Don't see what you need on the list - just submit it.

What if I don't have a HRIS, ATS, CRM etc?

No worries, Reevolt was built to be used either standalone or connected to your organizations platforms.

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